The miracle of life | Miracolul vieţii (Ro) from provita on Vimeo.

Miracolul vieţii | The miracle of life

Naşterea unui copil este încununarea celui mai complex, misterios şi miraculos proces. Renumitul fotograf suedez Lennart Nilsson prezintă incredibilul voiaj al noii vieţi cu o uimitoare privire în universul microscopic al corpului uman, prin imagini mărite de până la 500.000 de ori.

A baby’s birth is the culmination of nature’s most complex, mysterious, and seemingly miraculous process. Renowned Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson presents the incredible voyage of a new life with his stunning look at the microscopic world of the human body. Magnification of up to half a million times actual size shows just what happens at the moment of conception, and how a single new cell forms first an embryo, then a fetus.